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Xanthan gum cosmetic grade


Chemical Name: Xanthan gum

CAS No.: 11138-66-2
Molecular Fomula: C35H49O29

Appearance: Light yellow to white powder

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Products Description

Xanthan gum Quick Details

Chemical Name: Xanthan gum

CAS No.: 11138-66-2
Molecular Fomula: C35H49O29

Appearance: Light yellow to white powder

Grade:Industrial grade, food grade, cosmetic grade, Oil drilling grade, pharmaceutical grade

Xanthan gum Typical Properties

AppearanceLight yellow to white powder
Viscosity (1% solution in 1% KCL)1200-1700 cps
PH (1% solution)6.0-8.0
Moisture   %max. 15
Ash       %max. 16
Particle size %min. 92% through 200mesh
Heavy metalmax. 20ppm
Leadmax. 2ppm
Arsenicmax. 3ppm
Total plate count<2000cfu/g

Xanthan gum Applications

Xanthan gum is a high molecular weight polysaccharide produced by fermentation of carbohydrate with xanthomonas campestris .

It is soluble in hot and cold water but insoluble in organic solvents.

Because of its high viscosity, acid, alkali, salt and heat stability, it can be widely used as a thickener and stabilizer in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and oil drilling applications.

Stabilizers, thickeners and processing aids for a variety of purposes in the industry, including canned and bottled foods, bakery foods, dairy products, frozen foods, salad dressings, beverages, brews, confectionery, pastries Flower accessories, etc. When making food, it is easy to flow, easy to pour and pour, easy to pipe, and reduce energy consumption.

How to use Xanthan gum(CAS No.: 11138-66-2) ?

It is completely dissolved inside, but because it has strong hydrophilicity, if it is directly added to the water and the stirring is insufficient, the outer layer absorbs water and expands into a micelle, thereby preventing water from entering the inner layer, thereby affecting the function, so it is necessary to pay attention to the correctness. use:

Take a portion of xanthan gum with ten or more other dry ingredients, such as sugar, monosodium glutamate, salt, etc. in food preparation, mix thoroughly, then slowly pour into the stirring water, soak for about two hours, continue to stir until completely Dissolved.

Xanthan gum Packaging

25kg / kraft paper bag

25kg / carton , with PE inner

Xanthan gum Storage

Sealed and stored in cool, dry conditions

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