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Hyaluronic Acid cosmetic grade


Chemical Name: Hyaluronic acid

CAS No.: 9004-61-9

Molecular Fomula: C14H22NNaO11

Molecular weight: 403.31

Appearance: White powder

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Hyaluronic acid Quick Details

Chemical Name: Hyaluronic acid

CAS No.: 9004-61-9

Molecular Fomula: C14H22NNaO11

Chemical Structure:Hyaluronic acid CAS 9004-61-9

Molecular weight: 403.31

Appearance: White powder

Hyaluronic acid Typical Properties

White or almost white, very hygroscopic grain or powder, without odor, turn to clear solution when dissolved in water; insoluble in ethanol,
acetone and aether.
pH(1% water solution)6.0-7.5
Loss on drying≤10.0%
Kinematic viscosityPractical value
Molecular weight≥1.00×106
Heavy metals(as Pb)≤20ug/g
Glucuronic Acid≥44.0%
Sodium Hyaluronate≥91.0%
 Microbial Examination
Bacteria counts<10cfu/g
Staphylococcus aureusnegative
Pseudomonas aeruginosanegative

Use of Hyaluronic acid

◆HA is a natural biotic component widely presents in skin and other tissues. It has outstanding moisturizing effect, thus called Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) in the world. HA is the best component used in cosmetics for moisturizing from the nature.

◆When it is applied to skin, macromolecular HA can form a thin layer permeable to air, keeping the skin smooth and moist and further protecting it from bacteria, dust and ultraviolet rays, while micromolecular HA can penetrat into corium, enlarging blood capillaries slightly, promoting blood circulation, improving intermediary metabolism and nourishment-absorbing ability of skin, thus eliminating wrinkles, increasing skin's elasticity and delaying its aging. In addition, HA can further hyperplasia of epidermic cell, clean oxygen-derived free radicals, prevent and rehabilitate skin injuries. Its aqueous solution has very high viscosity which can make water become thicker. Cream made by emulsifying HA with oil is fine and even, homogeneous with stable emulsifiction.

◆HA is the best natural moisturizing component used in high-end cosmetics. Thanks to it’s good compatibility, HA can be added to almost any beauty cosmetics, such as cream, lotion, astringent, essence, facial cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, mousse and lip stick. In most cases, the dosage is around 0.05%-0.5%.

Biochemical drugs with high clinical value are widely used in various ophthalmic operations such as crystal implantation, corneal transplantation and anti-glaucoma surgery. It can also be used to treat arthritis and accelerate wound healing. It can be used in cosmetics to protect the skin. It can keep the skin moist and smooth, delicate and tender, elastic, anti-wrinkle, anti-wrinkle, beauty care and restore skin physiological function.


1.Hyaluronic acid should be used aseptically, limited to one use, and the hyaluronic acid gel is forbidden after use.

2.Hyaluronic acid in the case of disinfectant benzalkonium chloride, quaternary salt, etc., will produce precipitation, should be fully used when used.

3.Pregnant women and lactating women should be used with caution, those with impaired liver function should be used with caution, and hyaluronic acid gel allergy should be used with caution.

Pesolve resolution

Fermentation method of microorganism (S. pyogenes HA-producing strain Y921).

Hyaluronic acid Packaging and Shipping


Hyaluronic acid Storage

Plastic bags lined kraft paper closed light sealed packaging or brown glass sealed packaging. Moisture and sun protection

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