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Calcium sulfate cosmetic grade


Chemical Name: Calcium sulfate

CAS No.: 7778-18-9

Molecular Fomula:  CaSO4

Molecular weight: 136.14

Appearance: White powder

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Products Description

Calcium sulfate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Calcium sulfate dihydrate

CAS No.:7778-18-9

Molecular Fomula:  CaSO4

Chemical Structure:Calcium sulfate Structure

Molecular weight: 136.14

Appearance:White powder

Grade:Cosmetic grade, food grade, feed grade, industrial grade,pharmaceutical grade

Calcium sulfate Typical Properties

AppearanceWhite powder
HCl insoluble≤0.025%
Ammonium Salt≤0.005%
Heavy metal≤0.001%
Magnesium and alkali metals≤0.2%

Calcium sulfate Description

White monoclinic crystal or crystalline powder. Odorless. It is hygroscopic. One molecule of crystal water was lost at 128 ° C, and all of the water was lost at 163 ° C. Soluble in acid, sodium thiosulfate and ammonium salt solution, soluble in 400 parts of water, less soluble in hot water, very slowly soluble in glycerin, insoluble in ethanol and most organic solvents. The relative density is 2.32. Irritating. It usually contains 2 crystal waters, which exist in the form of gypsum ore in nature.

English synonym: gibs;crysalba;thiolite;anhydrite;muriacite;karstenite;Calciumsulfat;anhydrousgypsum;DRIERITE 4 MESH;DRIERITE 6 MESH

Calcium sulfate Applications

1. Raw materials for the manufacture of cement, calcium sulfate hemihydrate and sulfuric acid. Used as a filler in the paint and paper industry. Used as fertilizer in agriculture, it can reduce soil alkalinity and improve soil performance.

2. Food grade can be used as nutritional supplement (calcium strengthening), coagulant, yeast foodstuff, dough conditioner, chelating agent, also used as a tissue strengthening agent in canned tomatoes, canned potatoes, hardener for brewing water, wine Flavor enhancer, etc.

3. Gypsum is widely used in the fields of rubber, plastics, fertilizers, pesticides, paints, textiles, food, medicine, paper, textiles, arts and crafts, culture and education, in addition to a large number of building materials and cement raw materials. In areas where sulfur resources are scarce, sulfuric acid and ammonium sulfate can be used. Colorless and transparent gypsum can be used as an optical material.

4. Used as a filler for epoxy resin, it can prepare epoxy resin adhesive with high strength, high temperature resistance and good wear resistance. It is also possible to make asbestos-free friction materials instead of asbestos.

Production method of Calcium sulfate

1. Open pit mining or underground mining ore.

2. Sodium sulfate is added to a by-product of the alkali-base method (calcium chloride), and the reactant is purified to obtain calcium sulfate dihydrate.

3. By-products in the manufacture of organic acids. For example, when the oxalic acid is produced, the by-product calcium oxalate is decomposed with sulfuric acid, and then refined to obtain calcium sulfate dihydrate.

Calcium sulfate Packaging

25kg/carton drum


Calcium sulfate Storage

Store in a dry, clean warehouse. Food-grade products should prevent the pollution of toxic substances, are not allowed to be mixed with toxic substances storage and transportation,  avoid moisture, moisture.

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