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Zhonglan industry all employees travel diary

Sep. 13, 2018

On September 12th, the collective employees of the zhonglan industry set out to go wild.

 Early in the morning, we arrived at a beautiful lake in Sanshan District by bus, ready to take the live CS shooting. The yellow instructor who led the team divided us into five teams: the yellow team, the red team, the blue team, the green team and the orange team. I was assigned to the yellow team. The yellow instructor first introduced us to the various parts of the gun and taught us how to do three points. Shooting in the first line, then bringing us the equipment, then simulating the practice, and finally starting the game! Everyone is rushing to wear the costumes of the yellow instructor, equipped with equipment, the boys are extraordinarily handsome, the girls are particularly beautiful.

Zhonglan industry all employees travel diary

Huang’s instructor gave a command, the live CS battle started officially! This event is the most exciting. Everyone is full of strength to take the first place. I am holding a gun and carefully hiding behind the flower beds, walls, and bushes. Targeting the outcrop of "enemy" shooting, I finally hit five people. When I was preparing to play the sixth person, I was unexpectedly attacked by an "enemy" from behind. I only heard the "ah" from the equipment on the back. Screaming, I was beaten to death! Anyway, I was "gloriously sacrificed". I took the initiative to take up the task of "harassing the enemy" and ran to the "enemy" position with a gun to "attack". Interfering with their sight, other comrades took the opportunity to attack and swept the "enemy" for a while, and achieved the final victory! The instructor finally announced: the first place of the yellow team, each with a red envelope.

At noon, we had a good meal at the Longhu Grand Hotel.

In the afternoon, Huang instructors led us to carry out field survival training, including how to find water in the wild, how to make bow and arrow hunting, how to treat the wounded, and so on. After the patience of the Yellow Instructor, I know that when someone else is injured, you should first find a triangular cloth (if you can't find it, you can also pull a piece of cloth directly from the clothes) and wrap the wound. When you are bandaging, you can't get it. Too loose, can't be too tight. After the dressing is completed, you should call 120 emergency calls as soon as possible to send the wounded to the hospital for treatment.

Finally, the yellow instructor led us to play games such as cutting fruits and lollipops, and also taught us technical games such as archery and rock climbing...

Happy times always go very fast, and the sun is going down the mountain without knowing it. We finally got a picture and kept it as a memorial, and we started to return. However, this activity has been deeply imprinted on the minds of zhonglan employees. We not only learned how to shoot, how to dress wounds, but also how to cooperate with others and understand the importance of teamwork.

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