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What is Ethyl pyruvate?

Dec. 12, 2018

Ethyl pyruvate, the molecular formula for CH3COCOOC2H5, also known as 2-oxo Ethyl propionate, is a colorless transparent liquid at room temperature, with fresh, sweet fruit aroma, can be used in apple, citrus, chocolate and other flavors.

Ethyl pyruvate is an important intermediate for organic synthesis, which is widely used in medicine, pesticide, food and cosmetics.

Ethyl pyruvate can inhibit the formation of tyrosinase in the Epidermis, so it can prevent the formation of Epidermal Melanin, whitening skin.

Ethyl pyruvate can also be added to Air freshener as a highly active ingredient, effectively removing ammonia and methyl Mercaptan from the air, and producing a fresh, natural smell.

Ethyl pyruvate has been widely used in the synthesis of Heterocyclic compound and Herbicides The oxazolone derivative synthesized from ethyl pyruvate is also a good fungicide. It can effectively inhibit and kill fungi at the concentration of 5.0*10-4.

PYRUVATE is the main raw material for the production of Tryptophan, L-Phenylalanine, proteoglycan and vitamin B. It is the starting material for the biosynthesis of L-doba, the ethylene polymer used by Dopa to treat Parkinson's disease It is also the raw material for preparing grain protective agent. A highly effective herbicide was synthesized from pyruvate. As feed and food additive, it has good antiseptic and fresh-keeping function. At present, it is used in the preservation of feed and fruit wine.

Ethyl pyruvate has its own special flavor, which can be used in flavors and fragrances. It is also an important raw material for synthetic resins and plastics. PYRUVATE products can also be used as a special solvent for electronic materials.

If you want to know how to make ethyl pyruvate, here's a simple way to do it.

1. PYRUVIC ACID and anhydrous ethanol were prepared by direct esterification at boiling temperature and then vacuum distillation

2. Ethyl lactate was prepared by oxidation at 155 °C in the presence of V2O5.

In a round-bottomed flask with an agitator and a thermometer, 130 ml of saturated potassium permanganate solution, 500 ml of petroleum ether (boiling point 40-60 °C) , 50 g (0.42 Mol) of ethyl lactate (99%) and 20 g (0.13 Mol) of Sodium dihydrogenphosphate (Nah2po42h2o) were added. Start to stir. When the temperature rises to 15C, cool down with ice water. Add the powdered potassium permanganate to the medium for 25-30min. Continue stirring until fully oxidized. After the reaction is finished, pour out the petroleum ether. The slurry is mixed with 50ML petroleum ether each time, and the mixture is mixed for 3 times.

The petroleum ether extract is combined and the petroleum ether is removed by means of a short fractional distillation column. The residual oil was fully shaken with 2 parts of 10ML calcium chloride saturated solution to separate the reservoir and vacuum distillation was performed. The yield was 51-54% (25-27G) .


Can Be used for CARAMEL, brandy, meal wine, rum, chocolate and other food spices. For the manufacture of Medicine Indole Xin an and pesticide thiabendazole and so on.

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