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Stearic acid application in different industries

Dec. 19, 2018

What is Stearic acid?

Stearic acid, namely OCTADECANOIC ACID, structure: CH3(CH2)16COOH, from oil hydrolysis production. Appears as a white waxy transparent solid or a yellowish waxy solid. It breaks down into a fine powder with a hint of butter. Mainly used in the production of stearate.

Other names: Stearic Acid; octadecanic Acid, Triple Pressed Stearic Acid


Mainly used in the production of stearate: Sodium stearate, magnesium distearate, Calcium stearate, Lead stearate, aluminum stearate, cadmium stearate, ferric stearate, potassium stearate.

Fatty acids are widely used as the basic raw material of Surfactant, mainly in the rubber industry as a vulcanizing agent, in the plastic industry as a lubricant and stabilizer Textile and household detergents for softening and BACTERICIDAL agents, investment casting for wax molds, Grease Industry for soap base, etc. .

Widely used in cosmetics, plastic cold-resistant Plasticizer, Release Agent, stabilizer, Surfactant, rubber vulcanizate accelerator, waterproof agent, polishing agent, metal soap, metal minerals flotation agent, softener, pharmaceutical products and other organic chemicals.

In addition, it can also be used as a solvent for oil-soluble pigments, wax adjustment slippery agent, wax paper polishing agent, stearic acid glycerine emulsifier.

The product is used in the food industry as a lubricant, defoamer and food additives Glycerin stearate, Sorbitol stearate, sucrose ester and other raw materials. Raw materials used as auxiliaries and raw materials for daily chemical products.

Stearic acid is widely used in the manufacture of PVC plastic pipes, plates, profiles, films. Is The PVC heat stabilizer, has the very good lubricity and the good light, the heat stable function. In PVC pipe, stearic acid helps to prevent the "coking" during the processing, and it is an effective heat stabilizer in the PVC film processing, and can prevent the discoloration of the finished film caused by exposure to sulfide.

Rubber Industry

Stearic acid plays an important role in the synthesis and processing of rubber. Stearic acid is a widely used curing agent in natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex. It is also used as a plasticizer and softener. In the production of synthetic rubber, stearic acid is added as emulsifier. In the production of foam rubber, stearic acid can be used as foaming agent. stearic acid can also be used as release agent for rubber products.

Cosmetic Industry

In the cosmetics industry, it is an indispensable raw material for the manufacture of general emulsified products, used in the preparation of snow cream, cold cream, foundation cream, shaving cream, hair cream and skin lotion.


Stearic acid used in cream and cold cream of these two types of skin care products from the emulsifying effect, which into a stable white paste. Stearic acid is also the main ingredient used to make almond honey and milk. Stearic acid soap esters are more widely used in the cosmetics industry.

Used in the plastic industry as a Plasticizer, stabilizer and lubricant.

Used as yarn lubricant and mercerizing agent in textile industry.

Also used in the manufacture of release agent, polishing paste, Defoamer, metal flotation agent, paint gloss agent, wax paper polishing agent, textile waterproof agent and other products, is the solvent oil-soluble pigments, it is also the raw material for the production of stearate and stearate, such as methyl Calcium stearate stearate, potassium lead stearate.

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